What's Our M.O.?

Expanding on her father’s ideas, Samantha feels as though the baton has been passed. She has big plans to grow the foundation into a nationally felt impact. The focus is to find the youth of great potential in the less ideal of environments, and provide to them the experiences and support they need to reach that potential. Samantha witnessed firsthand the youth that called on her dad before they made certain decisions, and wants to facilitate growing that relationship between youth and law enforcement officers. 


“Most of these kids don’t have someone that’s present in their lives…someone that is consistent… A good example. What a plot twist…! Why not let that person be an officer? In order for that to happen, we as officers need to humanize ourselves a little more to connect with them. That connection, plus opportunities for conversation….and a little food, haha…has more power and positive influence than a single arrest ever will.”

"Our badge represents known power, but our character behind it is the true influence."


Camp F.E.V.E.R.

Lt. Toney served the youth in the Florence community for over a decade through his self-founded camp, Camp Fever, which included collaboration by the late Terrance Carraway. Officer Carraway, who worked for the patrol division supervised by Lt. Toney at FPD, also gave the ultimate sacrifice in 2018 during a shooting that occurred in the process of serving a warrant. Officer Carraway and Lt. Toney provided Camp Fever each summer to the youth, scraping together money from friends, business sponsors, and even their own pockets to bring it to fruition. Samantha longed to keep his legacy and impact alive, by continuing the work where he left off.

Star and K- resized.jpg

Equine Therapy

Lt. Toney was also a mounted officer on the Equine Unit of FPD. In additional to equestrian patrol, he would use his two trained police horses, Star and Princess, during Camp Fever for youth therapy and adventure. At age 14, he taught Samantha how to ride horseback on Star and Princess. Since then, she has shared a deep love for equestrian life and horses. In his passing, she acquired custody of Star and Princess and uses them for youth therapy in Charleston, SC under the nonprofit. She has since made a partnership with The Lowcountry Autism Foundation to begin soon providing Equine Therapy to their autistic youth using Star & Princess in her father’s honor.


Grants & Scholarships

Lt. Toney was big on education, respect, and professionalism. Samantha decided that the focus of the foundation would be to uplift the socioeconomically disadvantaged youth morally, educationally and professionally in order for them to become monuments of change and inspiration in their communities. She plans to continue his camp, Camp Fever, and expand it among other municipalities with the help of law enforcement volunteers. She also in on pace to award scholarships to students with scholastic aptitude for the purpose to studying law, and grants to graduating seniors with concrete business ideas to help them become business owners. Lt. Toney was also entrepreneurial minded as is Samantha, and had an interest in seeing young people create ownership to their name.