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Samantha K. Toney

Our Founder & CEO

Born and raised in Florence, SC where her father was policed for 39 years, Samantha attempted over the years to honor her father’s wishes, by circumventing her own passion for one-day policing into pursuing other areas of law. In college, she originally studied Sociology to prepare her for entering Law School to one day become an attorney. Before graduating College of Charleston in 2014, she found herself recruited into the Financial sector of business and was already beginning to see success in that sector prior to graduation. 


At the height of her success in finance, Lt. Toney passed away. Samantha suffered a detrimental loss and grief that required several weeks of emotional support and therapy to regain her ground. That same month of his passing, Samantha launched what is now an official 501c3 nonprofit in honor of her dad, named the Samuel Lee Toney Sr Foundation. 

Her Story

Samantha has since obeyed the passion inside of her by entering the police force and handles calls for service on day watch as a Patrol Officer in her 3rd year. She’s identified that she has a pronounced strength in firearms accuracy, de-escalating situations, and building rapport with both victims and suspects— traits well-known to also be strengths of her father. 


Wearing several hats-- she has also since become a mother of one, has established her own successful insurance brokerage, became a public notary, built an online retail store, became elected as a Board member for a Professional Equity Theatre, and became a member of Black Wealth in Charleston (BWIC). 

Ofc. Toney strongly believes in being mentally tough, spiritually grounded, passionate, and intentional. She is a proud mother and fights to accomplish goals and inspire others while leading her daughter by example like her father did with her. 

Samantha shared her desire to police with her dad when she was 14 years of age. "He wasn't too thrilled...", she stated. As a second-generation officer, Samantha says, “I understand why my dad didn’t want this lifestyle for me, though. It’s hard, and policing is like it’s never been before. People hate us, some appreciate us, but everyone needs us. We sacrifice so much in our personal lives for people who could care less, and in fact, want to harm us. We run to the fight despite the family and children we have at home. Doing it as a single mom is a sacrifice unlike any I could try to explain. It’s very tough."

But to shed light onto her reason for sticking around she affirms, "Despite my successes outside of policing, I’m here until my purpose is done...until the impact I’ve attempted to make is felt." 

On patrol, Samantha enjoys following up with youth from domestic calls, emergency protective custody orders, repetitive family disturbances, and runaways— situations where youth are at a disadvantage or lack a positive outlet. Often, she keeps the trunk of her patrol car full of toys and teddy bears for youth that are in distress. Samantha’s hope is to find and duplicate her father’s approach to building community and influencing our youth with the help of other passionate like-minded officers around the nation.

You can read more about their legacy story here:  "Like Father, Like Daughter"

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