About Us

Behind the Scenes

Here at the Samuel Lee Toney Sr. Foundation (SLT), we see the value in everyone. We want to be a catalyst for positive change, and since our beginnings in 2015, we’ve been driven by the same ideas we initially founded our Nonprofit Organization upon: growing, inspiring and changing. Hence the motto: 
"Grow. Inspire. Change."

Lt. Toney served 39 years in law enforcement with the Florence City Police Department, and his career ended on watch as a lieutenant, when he passed away from natural causes at the age of 64. He was not retired, because he truly loved what he did. He loved to protect, serve and create positive change, and he did so—much outside of the expectations of his job description. He was a man who was immersed in his work out of sheer passion for helping others. One of his biggest projects, Camp Fever, catered to youth in the Florence community and surrounding areas who were lacking in moral support and leadership in their lives. This program was designed to teach youth principles of respect, leadership, morality and of creating healthy relationships among one another as well as with law enforcement. It is my commitment to keep supporting youth causes, and also help those who decide to follow the path of criminal justice and/or entrepreneurship in memory of my father. I have established the Samuel Lee Toney Sr. Foundation, and am asking for donations to this foundation in order to continue and capitalize on the work my father did for others in his loving memory. Donations from this foundation will continue the work of Camp Fever, provide appropriate scholarships to youth, and foster any other work needed to help mentor a better upcoming generation.

"I am excited about this Foundation being the raw example of my dad's heart for helping people. My ideas for where I'd like to take this organization are different-- they're a bit out of the box. However, my dad thought out of the box when he figured he'd round up about 40 police officers on his squad and take them out in the woods to go camping with a bunch of kids that were a little rough around the edges. *laughs* No internet. No cellphones for the kids. No electronic games. No hot water. He wanted officers knee cap-to-knee cap with them, in the same kayaks with them, playing the same games, eating the same camp food. Sleeping in their cars while the kids slept in their protective view. He wanted full on bonding and building trustworthy relationships. I want to encompass that, and take it to a whole new level." -Samantha K. Toney, Founder/CEO