Join Us For Our BIGGEST, most IMPACTFUL Fundraiser YET!

We are asking those who support our mission to simply donate a reoccurring $1.50 per WEEK to help our impact become commonplace among our youth, starting in SC. That's only $6 a month!

That's a soda at the convenience store...
That's a tip for your Door Dasher or Waitress...
That's parking on the meter...
That's a Hershey bar at the grocery store...

It's so soft of a donation, you can barely feel it! Yet, it has the power to cause tremendous impact. 

Will you tip us each week for the work we are doing to impact our youth???


The BIGGEST WAY you can help our organization is to PLEDGE to help us find other supporters to do the same! 

JOIN us in finding additional supporters and earn AMAZING PRIZES and AWARDS! 

Click here to pledge to find more supporters! 

DONATE $1.50

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