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Rap/Lyric Battle Contestant Registration

7-12th graders-Bring your BEST BARS to take down the competition! Go home with an award and prizes.

  • 20 US dollars
  • North Charleston High School Auditorium

Service Description

Up to 12 student contestants. 🎤 DEADLINE for Registration: 🗓October 15, 2022. Each contestant gets a one and a half (1.5) min snippet ✂️each performance segment to bust out their BEST BARS for each topic, to whatever sample beat they choose. CUSTOM rap studio beats provided by Officer Phelps will also be available for use from his personal studio. 🔥 4 judges, with rap performance or rap critique background. 🔥Celebrity guest judges🔥 3 finalists- all finalists will place 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place winners take home prizes and award Judging Criteria:🥇🥈🥉 -relatability to an audience/ message -relevance to subject/category -artistry of using the beat/ creativity/ rhyme and rhythm of lyrics -intro -working the audience/stage presence ❌ Rules/ Automatic Disqualifiers/ Cease Performance❌ : 🗑 -NO lyrics that incite violence 🚫 -NO profanity 🚫 -NO gang representation by lyrics or attire 🚫 -NO sexual content 🚫 🎤CATEGORIES 🔥 ➡️General. Design their own piece to any music sample beat. ➡️Current Events. Choose a current event in the world and rap/sing a custom piece of how you feel about it. Help the audience understand the event and how people like yourself perceive it. This topic must be submitted and approved prior to event. ➡️School Subject. Choose a school subject and rap/sing a custom piece to teach something about the subject to the audience. ➡️Harry Mack. (Harry Mack is a youtube phenomenon who approaches random people asking for 3 random words to which he does an immediate improv rap incorporating the 3 words. He nails this every time. The registrant will be given their 3 words only 48 hrs prior to the event to promote an impromptu or quickly prepared pressure. They will view a sample video of Harry Mack in action for performing this category.) 🔥Finalist Category (ALL contestants will prepare this piece in anticipation of making it to the finalist round.) ⬇️🏆🏆🏆 🎤Rap/Sing a custom uplifting or positive piece about your school. Can include mention of classes, teachers, coaches, counselors, activities, grades, environment, etc. Can also include lyrics about your neighborhood in relation to the context. 🚔🚔🚔 3 POLICE OFFICERS WILL ALSO BATTLE RAP ONE ANOTHER IN A SEPARATE CATEGORY FOR AUDIENCE'S VOTE 🔥 The 1st place student winner and the officer that wins "Audience Choice" will perform their pieces together at the next pep rally of the winner’s school. 📀🔥🔥 You DO NOT want to miss THIS chance to show off your bars!

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  • North Charleston High School Auditorium